Venue: Willesden Green Library.

Event: Willesden Green Sunset and Other Pictures.

After a lifetime buried in art colleges and half a lifetime teaching at The International School of London, Tim Danby dared to put it all together.

The exhibition centred on his paintings but I'd love to make an article on his sketchbooks....

Willesden Green Sunset

A man with several names walks towards the Tube. His head reaching towards the distant triumphal Wembley arch as he passes the newsagents, (selling The Clare Champion still)... The minaret of South Brent mosque in silhouette overshadows the Pakistan Community Centre. Tim would have had his back to The Ceilidh pub- at that time being run by a young Czech woman and serving dumplings and pork and ham products upstairs. It's now called Burger & Beers- or something..... Communities change....

He's now retired but Covid keeps him within a few hundred meters from his home in Elvis Road. That's down John Lennon Road and a part of Marley Walk- get the picture? His partner, Barbara, is often holed up- in Hamburg- and she's taught herself to paint, too. More on her work, soon. More on Tim's fresh produce too.

Workers Reading In A Factory. ... almost reaches from floor to ceiling in his small flat. Each segment is loaded with "significance"!

Latest This painting is going to Grimsby College of Further Education.

Bend In The River. The River Haven in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire. Tim was brought up there- our parents taught at the Primary School. We would regularly wheelchair our Mother there for her pleasure- mostly!

Latest. In January an A1 photograph of this painting is going on display in Wainfleet Primary School.

Eileen Danby

Tim Danby. Photo. Barbara Tietz.