It was, in fact, entitled "Eileen Danby sitting down after a dizzy spell- outside the Co-Op, Lumley Road, Skegness."

I was eight years old when my brother, Tim, was born.

Our parents had been told they didn't need to use birth control since I'd been the result of a "visit to Harley Street" to sort out there infertility problems.

Young Tim wasn't around for long before he contracted an unknown disease and was put into isolation in Boston Hospital.

For months we would drive down there every weekend. One parent could look at him through a porthole. The other would take me walking around Boston Docks- Geest banana boats from Holland, timber from the Baltic, grain too- Dutch and Russian sailors in rusty old vessels.

Nowadays you'd need a hard hat and pass through layers of security. In the 60s my art teacher used to hitch lifts to Amsterdam.

Eileen was terrified of the menopause- her own mother had completely lost it at that time and spent her last decades in a "lunatic asylum". So, she had a hysterectomy, went to teachers' training college and submerged herself in ART! Two of these paintings were inspired by Boston Docks.

Later she would dive into other obsessions, wild flower botany, helping form a local history museum in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire and finally modern jazz- all her records, CDs and cassettes were cross-referenced with their players & instruments...

Until vascular dementia set in.........