We'd more or less decided to pack in farming at North Park Farm, Kirkcolm- on the northern tip of the Rhins of Galloway, beside the Corsewall Lighthouse.

I'd taken up the stills camera after 20 or more years of hardly being able to afford film- let alone run a darkroom. 

I even joined Stranraer Camera Club with my friend & farmer, Owen Watt. They held many a competition- sometimes I'd be awarded 3/10 and (rarely) 13/10!

Biggest hits there included a bright beach ball.

This is a record of an idyllic day- in the company of an old family friend, Jeannie O'Connor- who lived nearby- and Owen Watt- seen as number 2 in a tug-of-war pull.

I took a set of prints to show to Mungo- but he just handed them back & said, "Very good."

The story of my commercial photography life!