January 1948 and here comes the BABY BOOM- in Langley Moor. Cow and Gate paper hats all round! (Dried milk for babies.)

By the summer of '48 I could hold my head up- but had to be placed on a rug to stop me eating the sand at Tynemouth. Father- Tom Danby's- legs in shorts.

Next- a health collapse- not sure when but damp & dirty Langley Moor was associated with bronchitis, whooping cough and another one I've forgotten. Result- ASTHMA de luxe!

So the family shifted to the inland Lincolnshire Mam & Dad had known during WW2.

Normanby-by-Spital- about 6 miles from Market Rasen. "The Alley" was a set of workers' cottages with an ash road outside which led to the shared outdoor toilets. Mam remembered boiling my nappies in a galvanised bucket on top of a Primus stove. I was a year and a half old and had a girlfriend who loved me and looked after me- Maureen (maybe Margaret) Hindley.

In my spare time I was finely tuning my trademark skill- showing either my nappy or pants below my trouser-line.

On a day trip from Normanby, to Cleethorpes. NB pants display.

I just remember The Alley. But my earliest memory is of a walk along flower-bordered lanes with a friend, (Maureen?), carrying my picnic in a baby suitcase. Inside- jam sandwiches.

Next memory - walking beside Mam as she pushed my old pram- full of the last of the coals from The Alley- on to the twin village of Ownby-by-Spital. We were moving into a BRAND NEW COUNCIL HOUSE!

By the time I was four, they'd made their first, massive veg & fruit garden.

Later there was to be a hen house there- featuring a seemingly permanently broody hen called Jenny. It was also in the garden that I saw my first pig slaughtering- by standing on the 'wrong' side of the drawn downstairs curtain while Mam & Auntie Olive averted their eyes. The pig would be divided up among neighbours- 'pig fry' eaten immediately. We made a special sausage roll for my Uncle Bob once. It contained the tail. (More Bob and Olive and Janice stories later- if I can manage!)

How else to dress for Queen Elizabeth ll's coronation celebrations? All made by Eileen Danby, (far right), and recycled years later in our next home, Wainfleet All Saints. Tom Danby grasps his pipe in one hand while sheltering the 'Lady of the Manor' from the Lincolnshire rain.............